45 Long Colt Ammo For Sale

Although 45 Colt ammo was originally introduced in the 1870s, it has maintained the spirit of that time. Gunmakers have kept it alive by introducing revolvers chambered for 45 Long Colt ammo as either replicas of Old West handguns or a newer breed of self-defense guns. You’ll often find it as the iconic Colt Single-Action Army revolver or something like the Taurus Judge, which allows you to load both .45 LC and .410 shot shells. But you can also find .45 Long Colt ammo chambered for popular lever-action and novelty rifles as well.image

Besides self-defense, .45 Long Colt firearms are popular among today’s shooters for cowboy-action competition shooting and hunting small to big game, depending on the firearm, at short range. On paper, 45 LC ammo with 225-grain bullets has a muzzle velocity of 960 feet-per-second with 460 foot-pounds of energy. At 50 yards, velocity drops to 895 fps with 400 ft-lbs of energy.

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Uses for .45 LC Ammo

Once its military career ended, the .45 Long Colt remained popular among hunters and sport shooters, and still is today. Handgun hunters in North America use the ammunition for large game, including deer and black bear. And there are many shotshell varieties available for varmint and bird hunting.

Long gun hunters who appreciate the .45 Long Colt can choose among many lever action rifles chambered in the caliber. There’s even rifles available with combination barrels that also allow shooters to opt for .410 shotgun shells or the .45 LC. With a .45 Colt carbine, the velocity and increased accuracy give hunters at least 100 yards of shooting distance without sacrificing performance.

The .45 Long Colt is also popular among sport shooters, especially with the growing popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting. These shooters like .45 Long Colt ammunition because it adds to the authenticity of the sport and adheres to its historical aspects.

Other fans of .45 Colt ammunition include handloaders. Using modern smokeless powder, those who load their own bullets can reach velocities over 1,000 fps with a standard 250 gr cast bullet. When loaded hot, the .45 LC can reach thresholds as high as 1,400 fps and muzzle forces between 300 to 500 ft·lb.

Those loading their own ammo can also specify their .45 Long Colt ammunition. Common loading standards include hot loads for revolvers, light loads for single shot pistols and Cowboy Action Shooting, and hunting rounds for lever rifles and carbines. If handloading with authentic, old black powder, don’t push the limits and keep loads under 800 fps.